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Places to see in Jaipur in two days.

Places to see in Jaipur in two days.

Hola people!! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably are aware of my trip to Jaipur in January because my feed is flooded with me blocking the Jaipur backdrop. However In this blog I have decided to script my whole experience from start to end including the hotel we stayed at and the places we visited. This is also my means to relive the three day trip.

I wanted to visit Jaipur for quite a long time and something inside me was bugging me constantly and telling me that I should have long ticked off Jaipur from my bucket list by now. So I shubh arambhed (auspiciously welcomed) my travel this year in Jaipur.


Delhi to Jaipur is an easy 4-5 hours journey by train or by road. Hence, we boarded an early morning train from Delhi and reached Jaipur by noon, then took a cab to Comfort Inn Sapphire near Panchbatti Circle where we had already booked our stay. We then freshened up, had brunch and headed towards Hawa Mahal which closes at 5 in the evening. I was baffled to see a coherent color scheme running through the city on our way, as every building within the walled historic centre is painted a terracotta “pink” color.

Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is constructed of red and pink sandstone. The palace sits on the edge of the City Palace, Jaipur, and extends to the zenana, or women’s chambers. We strolled around inside the palace, clicked pictures and were subtly finding ourselves in the time when the place was operational. We were trying to imagine the royal women sitting behind the small windows to enjoy the events and festivals in the street. Did you know that Hawa Mahal is the tallest building in the world without a foundation.

Since the place shuts at 5 pm, we then bid goodbye to Hawa Mahal and the royal women (from our imagination) and started wondering which other place we could explore in whatever time we were left with before it would get dark.

Jal Mahal

We then decided to go see Jal Mahal. Jal Mahal is built in red sanstone, and is a five storied building, of which four floors remain underwater when the lake is full and the top floor is exposed. Since its in the middle of the lake and more than half of it is submerged in water, we stared at it for a while, took pictures obviously and then were strolling on the pathway that has a lot of street sellers selling interesting things from eateries to mini sculptures to toys. Its a treat reliving our aimless strolling around the city and talking about anything and everything. If you are wondering why I am sounding so romantic or philosophical for some. I took this trip with the love of my life and all the time in the world feels less when it comes to measuring the time you spend with them.

Dinner date in Jaipur

Well coming back to the topic, we then decided to go back to the hotel and find a nice romantic place to have dinner nearby our hotel, because we were stripped of all our energies by then. After exploring and quarreling about where we should eat and after rejecting a few places because they did not match the ambience we had in mind. We finally found a place called Handi, which matched with our list of desirables. It was an open roof, medieval styled restaurant with mini bonfires with just the right amount of people and it also served great food with beer. What more could we have asked for, and that is how we ended our first day in Jaipur.

Day 2

The sun showed up the next day and we got ready and had our breakfast in the hotel because we were served buffet which was inclusive of our stay and I personally really liked it. Our plan for the day was to cover the three main forts which are a little away from the main city. Forts namely are Amer a.k.a Amber fort, Jai garh Fort and Nahargarh fort. Because these stand on hilly terrains and we did not want to be bothered booking a carriage every now and then, so we booked a cab for the whole day which took us to all of these as we visit each one and would drop us back to our hotel at the end of the day. It cost us around 1,200 Rs + the parking charges.

Amer/Amber fort

Our first stop was Amer fort. It is located on aravali hill, the route from the plain terrain to the slope where the fort’s entrance is, can be covered via foot or by a vehicle as well. Although choosing to climb it by foot would have exhausted us and moreover sucked our time so we asked the cab driver to take us. On our way to the main entrance, we made a stop to see the Panna Meena ka Kund which is historic stepwell & rainwater catchment known for its picturesque symmetrical stairways. The stairs looked scary in case I fell, so I didn’t dare to get clicked there. Saving this one for next time.

Raja Man Singh, One of the navratnas of emperor Akbar built the Amer fort, but later several other successive rulers acquired the place. Hence its amazing architecture combines Mughal and Hindu styles. The fort is built in red sandstone and marble. It is divided into four main sections, each with its own courtyard. We enter Amber Fort through the Suraj Pol(Sun Gate), which leads to the Jaleb Chowk (Main Courtyard), where returning armies would display their war booty to the populace – women could view this area from the veiled windows of the palace. 

From Jaleb Chowk, an imposing stairway leads up to the main palace and the Diwan-i-Am (Hall of Public Audience), the maharaja’s apartments are located around the third courtyard. The zenana (secluded women’s quarters) surrounds the fourth courtyard. The rooms were designed so that the maharaja could embark on his nocturnal visits to his wives’ and concubines’ respective chambers without the others knowing, as the chambers are independent but open onto a common corridor.

 Jai Garh Fort

Moving on to Jai garh Fort. This almost-intact fort is surrounded by huge battlements. It is connected to the Amer Fort  with subterranean passages. Originally built to protect the Amer Fort and the palace within the complex. The Jaigarh Fort is architecturally similar to the Amer Fort, and offers a panoramic view of the city of Jaipur. The fort houses the world’s largest cannon on wheels. A majestic palace complex and the assembly hall of the warriors known as ‘Shubhat Niwas’ along with a museum and an armory. The Jaigarh Fort was built to secure Jaipur City and the Amer fort from warlords and rivals. Did you know? Jaigarh Fort is home to the world’s largest cannon on wheels.

Nahargarh Fort

Our last stop for the day was Nahargarh fort. We were excited to catch the sunset and wanted to reach there before it gets crowded. The major attraction on the way to the main palace are the wax museum and the glass palace. We decided to skip these two and moved on to roam the main fort. It was almost 4 in the evening. The ambience, the puppet shows and the live music had us hooked to the vibe of the place. We explored the palace and found a quiet place to just take in the vibe until it was time for the sunset.

When it was time, we started walking towards the sunset point towards a cafe called ‘padao’. Although we had to pay extra to get inside but then the good thing was that it was not crowded. We ordered maggi and tea while we waited for the sunset. We already were so mesmerized by the view and were waiting the sunset to be the cherry on the top. It was just perfect. Starting my year with this experience was just the right start to my year. No wonder I knew then that this year is going to beyond amazing. Then the sun was going down and that’s a feeling i can never explain in words. I have however added a picture but it just does not do justice to the actual experience.


With this we came to the end of our second day. We headed back to the hotel with these memorable experiences, visuals and a satisfied heart. Even though we could not see everything but the places that we visited had us content with our journey.

We headed back to Delhi the next day planning our next journey together. It will most probably take a while, but all the fun is in looking forward to the next one. Isn’t it? Stay tuned until ill i pen down my next trip. Tada people! XOXO !!


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